Pumps and Filters

You don’t need to have any pumps or filters in order to use Aquaplancton, but as most people do, it’s a good idea to keep them running as you apply the Aquaplancton to mix it well round the system.  If you are then happy to switch them off for a little while, without affecting the oxygen levels for fish, this gives the Aquaplancton chance to settle. It is beneficial for some to settle in the pump and filtration systems, particularly bacteria filters, as it will enhance the biological action, whereas chemicals can destroy the beneficial bacteria.

One of our happy customers said that nearly all the sludge in his mechanical filter sumps had disappeared and the bacteria filters are virtually clear of the excess deposits which caused all his previous problems.

Another customer said that their submerged pump became so clear that they could even read the small print on the label!

Other customers say they save money by not having to replace the bulbs on their UV filters, because Aquaplancton is sufficient to keep the water clear.

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