About Us

Background and organisation of Aquaplancton

Director, Judith Newman

Managing Director, Judith Newman

Aquaplancton is a family run business and they take the environment very seriously.  When their Managing Director Judith Newman came across the product Aquaplancton during a stay in France she was so impressed that she decided to bring it over to the UK and started selling it straight away. Her son Toby built the first website and when things started to take off her daughter Sara joined the company. That was over 20 years ago, since when it has gone from strength to strength.  There are now three Warehouse and Distribution Centres across the UK, and click on this link to buy Aquaplancton in America, from our agent there .

Pond owners are a lot more aware of the environment these days and they have welcomed this natural alternative to the use of manufactured chemicals.  One of the reasons Aquaplancton has been so enthusiastically received is because, if you use a natural product that works with nature rather than against nature it has to be better in the long run.

People often ask why there is not a range of products and the answer is that you simply don’t need any other products.  As Aquaplancton clears the algae, clears the water, clears the blanket weed, clears the sludge, unblocks the filters and gets rid of any odour, there’s no need to go to the expense of buying lots of different products, even if you have a UV filter a lot of Aquaplancton users save money by not having to replace the expensive bulbs.

People also ask why Aquaplancton is not available in Garden and Aquatic Centres. The answer to this is, with the best will in the world, it is impossible for these centres to train all their staff, particularly casual weekend staff in all the complexities of a pond and it would reflect badly on Aquaplancton if you bought it from someone who did not know what they were talking about. There are just one or two other outlets but, by and large, Aquaplancton is only available online or via mail order.

You can order the product or request a brochure via this website, or ‘phone 01298 – 214003 to talk through your pond problems with someone who will be happy to help you.  The office is ‘manned’ as much as possible, but the very nature of the business means that you may sometimes get the answering machine.  However, you only have to leave your number and someone will get back to you as soon as they return.

Sara Ellis

General Manager, Sara Ellis

Sara joined Aquaplancton in 2006 with a view to bringing fresh new ideas into the company. Her role in the business is customer liaison, day to day operations, overseeing and helping to develop the company’s overall business strategies and marketing plans. Working to implement and effect beneficial change in the daily work environment. She is being trained up so that one day she will inherit the family business, continuing the family’s business ethic, high standards and personal service that our customers have come to expect. Judith and Sara work very closely together. They understand the problems that pond and lake owners suffer and if you telephone, you are likely to be able to speak directly to one of them. They will be happy to talk through your particular set of problems and give you personal, unbiased advice.