Product Information


Polluted Waters Are Cleansed

Polluted waters are cleansedThe pollution of your water is frequently due to natural causes: fallen leaves, acid rain or adjacent conifers, domestic and agricultural organic waste.

AQUAPLANCTON brings it back to life naturally, by purifying the water and strongly stimulating the activity of beneficial bacteria and micro-organisms, which then consume the silt.

Pond Odour Disappears

Pond odours disappearStench is caused by rotting algae and putrid organic matter. AQUAPLANCTON causes the odour to disappear by stimulating the beneficial aerobic bacteria which then consume the rotting matter. Any acidity is neutralised. As in medicine, where gastric acidity is neutralised by taking calcium carbonate, the spreading of AQUAPLANCTON stabilises the water acidity to pH values favourable to aquatic life.

Fish Thrive on the Increased Oxygen

Fish revive and multiplyFish can survive for a certain length of time in polluted water, but when it is left in a murky state, light is prevented from penetrating to the plant life on the bottom. These essential plants then stop producing oxygen and die. The decaying plants then give off carbon dioxide. If polluted water is left untreated fish will eventually die. By stimulating the oxygen producing aerobic bacteria, Aquaplancton can increase oxygen levels by up to 20%.

Murky Waters Become Clear / Flora & Fauna Reappear

Murky waters become clearAQUAPLANCTON brings clearly visible results. Water is spectacularly transformed from turbid to transparent. Sun gets through, photosynthesis accelerates, producing oxygen vital for aquatic life. The bottom becomes visible, recovers its original permeability, oxygenating plants reappear, and the invertebrate fauna base of the food chain is revived.

Safe For Pets

Safe for petsAQUAPLANCTON is a specially processed, highly porous mineral of planktonic origin.  It comes in powder form and is spread over the surface of the water at any time of year.  It is not a harmful substance and is used successfully with fish all the time.  It won’t harm ducks, plants or any form of water life and it is perfectly safe for pets to drink from water treated with AQUAPLANCTON.

How Does It Work?

How does it workAQUAPLANCTON brings about mineralisation. When the micro-organisms, which normally digest organic matter become inactive, mud accumulates, causing algae and blanket weed to thrive on the over nutrition. AQUAPLANCTON reactivates these beneficial bacteria which then multiply and consume the mud. This starves algae and blanket weed of nutrition, causing them to die out naturally. Good bacteria, working well, can consume up to 15cm (6”) of mud in 6 months.