Pond Odour, Mud and Sludge

Muddy sludge is made up from such things as dead weed, rotting leaves and fish excrement. When the good aerobic bacteria in your pond become inactive, the bad anaerobic bacteria take over which causes the mud to smell.  Aquaplancton stimulates the beneficial aerobic bacteria which multiply and spread.  They then start to consume the mud which knocks out the bad bacteria and at the same time knocking out the smell.

Good bacteria, working well can consume up to 6 inches (15cm) of mud in 6 months given the right conditions and Aquaplancton provides the right conditions for this to happen.  It’s a natural product, stimulating a natural process, there’s nothing artificial about it.

People often ask us “How come the mud miraculously disappears. Where does it go to?” The answer is simple, most things in nature are made up of 90% water.  Take a potato for instance, it looks like a solid object, but when bacteria break it down it is 90% water.  It’s the same with the mud in your pond, when the Aquaplancton causes the mud to be broken down, it returns to water.

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